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Excerpts of Letters from ACTUAL customers:


"We are very pleased with the work you did and hope to have more done in the Fall. Thank you."


"Thank you for helping me beautify my yard. I passed your name on to my neighbors on the next street over."


"Bob, I can't thank you enough for helping me out. You've done work for me before, and as usual, thanks for another good job. I am very grateful for your going out of your way to assist me."


"Words cannot express the appreciation we have for your kindness and quick response to our dilemma. I called you in desperation because our kitten had somehow found his way to the top of a huge oak tree in our yard the day before, and was clinging to a branch for his life through the thunderstorms. In the pouring rain, you removed our fence so you could get the truck close to the tree and rescued a pretty frightened and very wet kitten. To my amazement, you re-installed the fence, and then apologized for the ruts your truck had made in the wet grass. What completely floored me was the fact that you would not take any payment! This act of kindness was worth a million dollars to us, so just a "thank you" seems so inadequate. I am telling anyone who will listen what you did for us, and your business cards will be spread around as often and as far as we are able. Needless to say, any tree service we need in the future will be yours exclusively. Thank you again so much!"


"You made my place look so fabulous and everyone commented on the many beautiful plants. WOW! Spectacular! Thank you for being so very kind to me. Believe me, I am very happy."


"Thank you for your fast and excellent tree removal service this past week. When I called on Friday, Bob came to look at my wind-damaged pine tree, which dangled dangerously over the driveway, within an hour and a half. By Monday, the tree was removed, cut into managable logs and the debris was gone as well. Best of all, Bob was not just fast, holding to his word and very fairly priced, but his is also clearly concerned about his customers, both for their physical safety and in doing what is in the customer's best interest. A kind man and a recommendable tree service company. Thanks again from a happy customer."


"Just wanted to say "Thanks for doing such a great job" I wish I had been available to tell your guys personally. Please pass of my sincere thanks for their professional work. I greatly appreciate the job you and your guys did!"


"I want to thank you very much for your business helping out my wife with our tree problem. My wife indicated that your employees are very kind and polite and did a great job. Thanks again and my wife and I will certainly spread the word of the good work that Verrier Tree Service performs."


"There were several large tree limbs down in our driveway blocking access to the house after Hurricane Irene passed through. My husband was gravely ill and homebound. Nursing care and rescue vehicles would not have been able to come to the house, as expected. Within a half hour from when I called, Bob came out to the house to see what had to be done. He expressed his sincere concern for my husband and told me not to worry. An hour later, his full crew showed up and not only cut and removed all of the fallen limbs, cleared every twig and chipped debris, but then trimmed any other tree limb all around the house that could be a problem in the future. I cannot thank you enough, Bob!"


"True kindness is a rare and beautiful thing. Thank you for your continued years of wonderful service you have given our family."


"Thanks a million for going to all the trouble to deliver that firewood to my home this week. I really appreciated your help and I enjoyed our chat."


"We just wanted to extend our gratitude, thanks, and appreciation for your response to our kitten-911 emergency. I personally want to thank you for helping us avoid a husband-up-the-tree emergency as well. As you can see, the kitty is very important and well loved by our girls. Thank you for coming out to help us!"





Official Letters of Commendation


Arbor Day Foundation:

Certificate of Appreciation presented to Robert Verrier for recognizing the beauty that trees bring to our world and the importance they hold for our future on the planet Earth.


Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management:

"Please be aware that this office has received a very nice letter complimenting you on the wonderful work you did. She wrote telling us that you went above and beyond what was asked of your for her and the care of her property. This letter has been make part of your permanent file and a notation has been made on our computer database. It is always a good thing when we can add such glowing letters of recommendation to our files. Keep up the good work!"


Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management: forwarded for your records

"Thank you so much for the lovely letter of recommendation that you wrote to the Depaprtment of Business Regulations regarding Mr. Robert Verrier. They forwarded the letter to our office which keeps a database of all licensed arborists and get the calls from RI consumers regarding the licensing of arborists they are about to hire. I have put this letter in his file for future reference and made a notation of it on our computer database. It is not often we get letters with glowing recommendations for our arborists."


Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management: Urban and Community Forestry Program

"I would like to thank you personally for your input concerning the RI Arborist Law.


Animal Rescue, Riverside

"After calling a local tree service and our own fire department about a stray cat chased up a tree by a coyote, that couldn't get down, neither was willing to help. I called Verrier Tree Service in West Greenwich who did not hesitate to take very expensive equipment and travel 45 minutes to help an animal in need. With his arm in a cast from recent injury, Bob Verrier and his help rescued the kitty and refused compensation. As I have since discovered, he has done this many times before and several times since. He is truly an individual who cares and goes beyond the call of duty to help an animal in need. We need more people like Bob Verrier. I encourage people to support businesses of those who give back to the community. Thank you Mr. Verrier for making a difference."


Animal Shelter Aid Program

"Please find attached two letters addressed to the D.E.M. and the Better Business Bureau praising you for your work. Thank you so much you were wonderful. There aren't many people who would do what you did. I will be sending you a copy of our newsletter with the story of your efforts. I will also be passing out your company leaflets. If you mail me a big bunch of them, I'd be happy to hand them out at our fundraisers."


"On behalf of the entire Exeter West Greenwich Youth Football and Cheer Organization, I would like to thank Verrier Tree for the generous donation in support of the Pee Wee Cheer team's trip to the nationals. The girls had a memorable experience they will never forget and won 1st place!"


"Mr Verrier, many thanks for your kindness and generosity by donating the white birch logs for use in the fireplaces at the Ebenezer Baptist Church. I am quite certain that there are enough for decorative use in both the parlor and the pastor's study. They will provide an additional touch of elegance to both rooms which have recently been given a make-over."


"On behalf of the Father John V. Doyle School, we would like to thank you for your generous donation of firewood for our auction. Your commitment to helping our fundraising efforts is sincerely appreciated. We are grateful that you were able to support us. Our annual auction is the primary fundraising event for our school. The proceeds from the auction help us to provide a quality learning environment for the students."


"Thank you very much for your donation of a truckload of mulch to the Tabernacle Baptist Church. We have wanted to do this project for a long time and you made it possible with your generous donation. We are very thankful."