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Tree Removal

Verrier Tree Service has over 30 Years of Experience, Professional Skills & Equipment necessary to safely remove trees from your property.

• Your mature trees can be taken down according to safe practice
• Dismantling all limbs being brought to ground under safe control
• Storm damaged specimens can be reshaped where appropriate
• Clear felling where appropriate and space permits
• All materials arising from the work are cleared away as work progresses
• All staff are properly trained, equipped, insured and certified.

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Tree removal is something that we recommend only if necessary. Sometimes a tree will outgrow it's space, possibly causing damage and/or becoming a safety hazard. It is also common for a tree to become diseased or rotten. In either case removal is required, and our professionals are among the best in close quarter tree removal. When you think you have a problem with a decaying tree, our licensed arborist can help decide whether or not a tree should be removed.

Tree Removal may be necessary when the tree:
• Is dead, dying, or in irreparable health
• Has become a hazardous threat to nearby structures
• Is crowding, obstructing, or causing harm to other trees
• Interferes with wires, street visibility
• Is to be replaced by a more suitable specimen.
• Should be removed to allow for construction.

Our expert licensed arborists, and tree climbers, rope limbs and safely lower them to the ground, always mindful of reducing the risk of property damage. All logs and large limbs are taken down safely in sections and trucked away off-site. All brush is chipped and either taken away or relocated to your desired spot for a mulch depository. After work is done, the area is cleaned by our trained ground crew.


24 Hour Emergency & Storm Service
• Prompt attention to clear away wind blown or fallen trees.
• Dangerous trees can be felled.
• Damaged trees can be pruned to achieve correct shape and dimensions.
• Replanting arrangements to replace lost specimens with appropriate nursery stock.
• All materials arising from the work are cleared away by our staff as work progesses.
• All staff are properly trained, equipped, insured and certified.
• 24 hour everyday service.

• 2 hour minimum charge.

Did a tree fall on your house? Car? Garage? There is little that we can do to stop the forces of nature from happening. When nature surprises, we are the experts to call to take care of your emergency storm damage. We are experienced and qualified to handle even the most difficult situations.

Insurance Appraisals
If you need a quote on a job, or an estimate for a particular operation, we can write up proposals for you. You do not need to be home and estimates are free.


Stump Grinding

Why go through the trouble and expense of having trees removed from your property, if you then leave unsightly stumps sticking up from the ground to trip over, hide under garden furniture, and destroy lawnmowers on?

We have the equipment and know-how to grind stumps down below the surface of the topsoil to allow for rehabilitation of an otherwise problematic area. Stump grinding is less expensive than stump removal excavation, and it doesn't disturb surrounding yard area with heavy equipment. The grinding process creates sawdust which can even be recycled into mulch for your gardens and flower beds, to control weeds and maintain soil moisture.

Stump Grinding is typically the last procedure in any removal operation. After a tree or bush is removed, you of course have the stump to deal with. We have special grinding machines made specifically for the purpose of grinding bush and tree stumps.

Have Verrier Tree Service include an estimate to grind down the stump from removed trees while on your property. Finish the job at the same time at less of the cost than coming back later.

• Tree Pruning

• Shaping & Training

• Yardwork

• Mulching

• Preventive Care

Tree Pruning

Done properly, and done regularly, pruning will help your trees last for generations.

Pruning regularly helps trees resist damage from storms, disease, pests, drought, cold, and promotes tree beauty, strength and health. Pruning ensures better air circulation and light penetration, safety and clearance for structures or people.

Pruning a young tree encourages it toward the shape it will have later - columnar, pyramidal, spreading, or weeping. Knowing a tree's natural inclination will determine what kind of pruning it needs in its early years.

Mature trees need pruning too, even if they've been well cared for earlier on. The years, with their attendant storms, droughts, and insects, will take their toll. Sometimes large branches will need to be removed, or the crown thinned to lighten the weight on the top of a tree. If so, the pruning needs to be performed as carefully as possible to avoid further damage to the tree, not to mention buildings and landscaping nearby. At times, in addition to regular pruning, an older tree may need to be braced or cabled for added support. Such trees may be structurally weak, heavily burdened with fruit or foliage, or distressed from storm damage.

Pruning takes time and skill. Every cut in a live tree is a wound, opening that tree to the possibility of infection. That's why pruning needs to be done correctly, with knowledge of a particular tree's structure and growing habits. By taking advantage of a tree's own protective mechanisms, proper pruning helps a tree grow stronger.

Verrier's full service tree care specialists can correctly prune your existing trees. Our professional tree pruning can prevent possible damage from falling tree limbs or lighten trees to prevent them from falling and causing harm. Our trained staff will recommend the proper class pruning best suited for your property and point out any safety hazards that might cause a problem. We will select the trees that need pruning now, and which trees can wait for the second, third or fourth year depending on your budget. We also can provide you with a full tree care plan including deep root feeding, tree fruit control and pest spraying. Think of tree care as an investment. A healthy tree increases in value with age, paying big dividends, increasing property values, beautifying our surroundings, purifying our air, saving energy by providing cooling shade from summer’s heat and protection from winter winds.

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Serving Rhode Island for more than 30 Years

Fully Insured ~ Reasonably Priced

Prompt Service ~ Free Estimates

Licensed Arborist #528