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We Guarantee the DRIEST Premium KILN DRIED FIREWOOD in RI!

• Extremely Clean • Less Smoke • Burns Up to 40% More Heat

• Insect Free • 100% Hardwood • Less Chimney Residue



Verrier Tree Service, Inc.

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• Reasonably Priced

• Seasoned

• Air-Dried

• Kiln-Dried

• Bulk or Bundled

• Delivered

Verrier Tree Service provides only the BEST Air-Dried Seasoned Firewood and/or Kiln-Dried Firewood, guaranteed to suit your firewood needs.

• Dry, ready to burn, well seasoned hardwoods
• Quality firewood, aged and seasoned on site
• Small or Large Quantities or Sizes
• Choice of 12" - 16" - 20" - 24" lengths
• Choice of 1/8 - 1/4 - 1/3 and 1/2 cord quantities
• Bundled or Bulk
• Reasonably Priced
• Delivery Area ~ 100 Mile Radius to Rhode Island


Why Kiln-Dried Firewood?

• Insect-Free

• Cleaner Burning

• Higher BTUs

• Easy To Light

Insects inhabit firewood to use as either shelter, a breeding ground or as a source of food.  Hundreds of different kinds of insects, such as ants, beetles and termites, can reside in green or seasoned wood.  Kiln drying wood kills insects and the larvae that live inside wood. We guarantee that our kiln dried firewood is ready to burn when delivered to you. We dry our firewood in kilns especially built to dry firewood. The kiln dried firewood is dried to an average of 15-20% moisture content. After kiln drying the wood is stored under cover in a cooling shed until it is delivered. Kiln-drying insures you insect free, cleaner burning firewood produces higher BTUs with less creosote buildup and it is available year round.

Kiln dried firewood is put in a heated chamber for a period of time which extracts moisture from the wood, so that it is consistently dry. The result is a easy to start, and good burning wood, which does not smoke like wet wood does.

In addition, the heat treating process of drying the firewood, kills all insects, and keeps the wood bright and fresh looking. Firewood that is kiln dried has natural stress cracks in the wood which is a tell-tale sign that the wood is indeed dry.

While you may pay a little extra for kiln dried wood, you get a guaranteed dry product, without insects. The US Forest Products Lab compiled data which indicated that kiln dried firewood has up to one million BTU more heat energy per cord than green firewood. This increases the heating value by 25%, so you get a longer lasting fire, and less trips to the woodpile.

If you use your firewood for cooking, heating or just the ambiance of a nice cozy fire on a cold winter night, you'll find kiln dried firewood the perfect choice.


Firewood Facts:

There are approximately 35 million fireplaces in the U.S.
Use of wood as a fuel will increase by over 50% over the next two decades, as alternate fuel sources escalate in cost.

Environmentally Friendly:

Burning wood is environmentally sound.  The process does not contribute to greenhouse gases.  A growing tree absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and into its molecular structure.  When the tree dies and decays, it releases the carbon back into the air.  The same thing happens when the wood from a tree is burned.  The same amount of carbon is released back into the atmosphere.  Thus, burning wood is just a faster reversal of the natural cycle.


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Serving Rhode Island for more than 30 Years

Fully Insured ~ Reasonably Priced

Prompt Service ~ Free Estimates

Licensed Arborist #528


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